in wall speakers home theater in wall speaker home theater in wall speakers review how to setup home theater in wall wall mount sony home theater speakersEvery few years the home entertainment industry experts keep coming up with the same staid predictions that the era of the home projector is over. And in fact, the steadily increasing prices of LED flat panel TVs (not to mention their ever decreasing prices) have overtaken the world of projector screens, once and for all.  However, nothing can actually be further from the truth since recent trends in cutting edge technology have proved the doomsayers wrong, all over again.  There are many reasons for that let us check them out.

Size does matter!

This is not just a line from a Godzilla movie, but an actual fact. Just think about it. Why do people prefer to purchase flat screens when they can view the same movie on their little 3.5 inch smart phone?

It’s very simple really. Size does matter, and the larger the screen the more entertaining the experience. This is why movies exist. And this is also why projector screens are not ever going to become obsolete. The TV (LCD & LED) is capable of a fixed size only. The projector can easily go up till 300 inches, and in glorious UHD at that.

Imagine buying a 300 inch TV? Apart from the cost factor there is the very real logistics problems as well. Getting it mounted and then transferring it to another room or home. .. That sounds impossible!

The bulb is where it is at

cinepro series pro cinema projectorThe beating heart of just about any projector is its bulb. If it goes kaput, your projector becomes functionally useless, this is where an LED flat screen used to shine (no pun intended). “Used to” being the watch word here. Today’s cutting edge LED as well as laser based projector bulbs do not really ‘max out’ at the usual 3 to 4000 hours life time. On the contrary, they can go ten times as much and even last up till 30,000 hours or even more. Plus, bulbs are easily replaceable and can be purchased from your retailer.

 No need to look at the blackness in the room

Regardless of how big a TV screen may be, the fact of the matter is that it’s always there. A large black space covering up the entire wall. Not only does it look a trifle disconcerting (to say the least) but just imagine; the neighbour’s little kid going ‘oops sorry’ after, accidentally kicking his soccer ball into the screen.

In case of a projection screen, the fact that it can be rolled back into your ceiling when you are done watching the movie, means that is almost always safely out of harm’s way.

In light of the above, we can safely conclude that Projectors have been around a long time and will probably be around, for ages more.

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