A by-product of lockdown that has been noticed around the country, is of course sky-rocketing prices. A bag of groceries now costs up to an estimated 30 percent more than earlier this year, and the end is nowhere in sight.

But the news is not all-bad. Soon the freedom will be bestowed upon us. But Sound X Perience is not waiting until then to deliver the good news – in fact, we have some now, just for you.

Sound X Perience has managed to secure absolutely unbeatable prices on a range of products for a limited time, and with limited stock available. Deals like this don’t come around every day, so act now, before it’s too late. We guarantee this is an impulse buy you won’t regret!

So, what’s on offer? So much – but we have narrowed down our favourites in a list below.

Denon Headphones

These are absolute must-haves, trust us. Available in both black and white, the AHGC25NC, AHGC25W and AHGC30 Denon Headphones will have your ears crying out for more, more, more. Worn over the ear, and designed to sit comfortably and securely, these headphones feature an adjustable headband and memory-foam earcups for hours of uninterrupted, comfortable listening.

Featuring the latest noise-cancelling technology and a long-lasting battery, these Denon Headphones offer ample opportunity to drown-out distractions and just enjoy some much-needed me-time.

Denon Mini Hifi System

Let’s face it – not everyone has space to spare, but that does not mean that you cannot benefit from the sheer majesty of a Denon Hifi System. A range of absolutely brilliant Mini Hifi Systems has been made available, with little lost when it comes to quality.

The Denon N10 Mini System is the perfect compact system to meet all your musical desires. Denon HEOS technology, Bluetooth and Amazon Alexa compatibility ensure that your every tech-dream is met, while not breaking the bank. Play CD’s, stream from all popular streaming sites, or use the HEOS functionality to create a multi-room audio system – it’s entirely up to you!

A Denon Mini System is all you need to get you started on your AV adventure, and will keep you coming back for more.

Denon Soundbars

Nothing ups the ante on a basic Home Theatre System like a great quality soundbar! Soundbars are known to take your listening pleasure up more than a notch, and deliver sound the way movie, and music-makers intend it to be. However fantastic your TV, its basic speakers are never going to provide the level of sound precision you deserve, and that’s where our Denon Soundbar Range comes into play.

Denon’s range of Soundbars goes above and beyond, offering enhanced bass and crystal-clear dialogue during movies, ensuring an immersive, exquisite experience. It is no surprise that Denon is a market-leader in the AV field – being both cost-effective, and quality-driven, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Polk Soundbars

So, having told you about the absolute genius of the Denon Soundbar Range, we would also like to introduce you to Polk, a different brand but just as awesome!

Polk Soundbars offer something for everyone. They are sleek and stylish, and will seamlessly fit into the design of any modern home. But they don’t just look good. Polk Soundbars offer superior listening quality, amplifying the highs and lows to ensure the best and most immersive movie watching experience.

The Polk Magnifi Max System is more than just a soundbar – it is a full 5.1 surround sound Home Theatre system, in a box. The sound bar system includes the Max sound bar, a wireless subwoofer and two wireless surround speakers for a bigger, more dynamic surround sound. Optimised for movies, TV, sports and music, the Polk Magnifi Max delivers an audio experience far beyond that of traditional sound bars. An array of built-in features makes this system easy to install, and easy to enjoy – everything you could possibly need.

The Polk Signa 2 soundbar and wireless subwoofer system is a modern-day legend, and for good reason. The system elevates sound quality way beyond what you could ever expect from you TV speakers, however good they may be. Exclusive Polk Voice Adjust technology dramatically increases vocal clarity and volume level for crystal clear dialogue no matter what you’re watching.

A Little Klipsch Goes A Long Way

We are not ashamed to admit that we love this brand, a lot. They never let us down, and their products leave little to be desired.

A fan favourite is the Klipsch Sixes Heritage speakers – which provide bang for your buck, and loads of it. Part of the Klipsch Heritage Wireless series, The Sixes is an incredibly versatile audio system. Able to connect directly to a turntable, TV, computer or Bluetooth wireless-enabled device – these speakers deliver amazing acoustics no matter what source. Available in black and brown, we love their classic look and feel, and the powerful sound that they deliver.

Another Klipsch classic is the R51PM Active Speaker. There is nothing quite like a Klipsch powered speaker, and this on is no different. Punted as the most versatile speaker on the planet, the R51PM bookshelf speakers use a highly efficient, powerful design that is created to absolutely engulf the listener in their favourite music or movie.

And last, bur most certainly not least, we have the legendary Klipsch Headphones, a little in-ear musical gift, only for you! Sometimes, it’s alright not to share, sometimes, it’s all about you! Klipsch offers only the best the personal listening, with comfort and quality in equal proportions. Professional grade foam ear cups and Klipsch’s renowned speaker performance let you fully surround yourself in sound.

So, when we said at the beginning of this blog that the news wasn’t all bad, we meant it! We at Sound X Perience are here to wash away the lockdown blues, and to welcome Spring with some amazing deals, at amazing prices?

Want to know more? Get in touch with one of our fantastic sales staff right away to secure your piece of this delicious pie.


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