It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the AVR is at the heart of any home theater system. Since a decent home theater system is going to cost you a fair amount, you would want to get it right the first time. The following are some tips to make sure you get that perfect 5.1 set-up you deserve.

Why is the AV Receiver so Important?

That’s a good question. An AV (audio/video) receiver, such as the Denon AVR is a crucial component to any home theater system because it serves as a hub to the home theater system, connecting all of the speakers and other components of the system together. The AV receiver handles a wide variety of tasks, which include tuning the radio stations, powering the speaker, decoding signals of the surround sound and of course, switching between audio and video components. Not all AV receivers have been created equal which is why you need to find the best one for the job. This is where hiring a professional service provider helps in setting up your home theater system or making sure your existing system gets the right AV receiver.

Inputs and Outputs

The more inputs and outputs a receiver has, the more components you will be able to connect to the receiver. It goes without saying that you should always go for an AV receiver that has enough inputs and outputs so that you are able to connect all of the devices via one system such as the Denon AVR.  While the number of input and output connections is going to be an important factor while choosing an AV receiver, it is not the only one. They should also be the right kind, in other words, the receiver should contain analog and digital inputs and outputs, especially if you are still using old devices that you want to connect to the receiver.

Power Source

The power of an AVR is measured in watts. The power of the AV receiver is just another word to measure the volume. It determines the receiver’s ability to deliver dynamic sound. The higher the wattage of the receiver, the more better the sound quality. It is important that you choose an AV receiver that has a higher wattage so that you are able to enjoy better sound quality even at low or medium volume.

Although, the power that is required to match specific speakers will mainly depend on the speaker’s sensitivity, as in, the number of decibels or volume it is able to put out per watt of power. Lower sensitivity speakers will require more power. It goes without saying that if you have a large room then you will need to use larger speakers, or multiple speakers, and more power.

While some home theater systems do have receivers built-in, they are not sufficient to deliver the high level of sound quality as compared to a Denon AVR. While a home theater is designed to provide surround sound, a AV receiver is designed for music lovers.

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