Projectors today are far more superior and technologically advanced as compared to their older counterparts. Older projectors used to be large machines with heavy moving parts that presented grainy and washed-out images, accompanied by a constant clacking noise as the film played. You really need to know and understand just how much things have changed due to modern projectors that bring the cinema xperience home.

Several cutting edge projectors are currently being made for multiple home theatre systems. They offer clear and balanced playback that offer absolutely stunning high quality resolution… Of course, this is all thanks to the state-of-the-art technology that these projectors can boast of.

The all new JVC LX-UH1 is a state-of-the-art 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) projector. It has been well-equipped with the all new and highly innovative  TRP DMD technology that enables it to deliver razor sharp 4K images. Projecting high definition images on surfaces is now possible through this amazing entertainment product!

Apart from that, it also offers HDR (High Dynamic Range) support so that the image can be seen in all its true and vibrant richness. HDR support can easily give playback with greater detail, reproducing both the bright as well as the dark areas of the image the way they were intended to be seen. In fact, the very concept of HDR technology is concerned with the way we see and process colours. This means that that JVC’s VC LX UH1 DLP Projector is capable of more intensity and hue gradation.

Roughly translated, it means that it offers brighter than bright colours, but without the usual glare that can easily mar a cinematic experience. At the same time, it also offers considerably more depth in all night and dark scenes as well.

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