How Swann DVR Security Systems Can Help Keep Your Premises Secure

Security is one of the main priorities of families and business owners in South Africa. Perimeter deterrents are visible everywhere and in a lot of cases, the power of electricity is harnessed to keep out intruders.  One of the best ways in which to safeguard your premises, and by implication, your assets, family and staff members, is to set up a thorough security solution that consist of a variety of security systems, including CCTV and camera monitoring, as well as automated alarm systems and visible security measures. Adding DVR (digital video recording) and NVR (network video recorders) to the current systems provide added protection and security.

The new DVR and NVR products from Swann are set to become some of the most popular systems used today, and they can easily be combined with other security systems to form a comprehensive security solution that will offer a great degree of protection. Swann DVR security systems can be connected to your CCTV cameras through wireless technology, but a wired option is also available. All these systems also have the power of remote viewing, which means that you can keep an eye on your premises, even when not physically present.  Footage can be viewed live or recordings can be made, and all this information can be viewed on a computer, tablet or a smartphone after the relevant application has been downloaded.

Both the Swann DVR security system and their NVR system are produced with between 2 and 24 channels, and this gives you the power to connect to up to 24 different security cameras placed around the interior and exterior of your home or office. These are able to record in high resolution, both at night and during the day, and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Swann is considered a market leader in DIY security surveillance, and their products also include consumer electronics and other security-centric solutions that are successfully applied at home and at work premises. Swann started humbly from a basement in Australia and has since grown to be a household name, with a presence in more than fifty countries and all continents. Swann is considered a pioneer in the DIY security arena, and their products are used in many different places and in different configurations to keep communities and premises safe from intrusion, damage, theft or injury.

Today, this company is part of the Infinova Group, which specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of cutting-edge, world-class, security solutions. Swann DVR systems are applied with great success all over the world and in a variety of contexts and are trusted by distributors and consumers everywhere. Significant investment is made in research and development on a constant basis, in order to ensure that products are always improved and that new technologies are developed all the time.

If you need a security system and are keen to find out more about how Swann DVR security systems can help to safeguard and secure your premises, give our team at Sound X Perience a call today!

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