It’s been said before, but can never be said enough that your home is a reflection of you, and your Home Entertainment systems should be no different.

When deciding which brand most suits your needs, Sonos should be at the front and centre of the modern man, or woman’s, modern home.

Sonos is perfect for the minimalist lifestyle, having been created to be simple to use, beautiful to look at, and simply spectacular to listen to. Simply put, Sonos are simple, smart and sophisticated.

Sonos Beam Soundbar

This simple to set up accessory will improve your listening experience immensely. Go from boxed-up to set-up quickly, with full installation only consisting of 2 wires, and automatic remote detection.

The Beam Soundbar was tuned by Oscar winning sound engineers to emphasise the sound of the human voice, ensuring that you will always easily follow the conversation.

One can even use the Sonos app to turn on speech enhancement to clarify from the lightest whisper to the loudest explosion.

Sonos – Designer Audio For Your Designer Lifestyle 22

The Beam Soundbar features Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free music, to check the news and to get your most burning questions answered in a flash.

Check out the Sonos website to see the full range of exceptional Sonos products:

Sonos Port

Sonos Port is a media streaming device that allows you to input audio sources to the network and output to an amplifier. It can be connected to your phone, or another device of your choice, and can stream sound directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Sonos Amp

The Amp is a versatile stereo amplifier for powering your entire entertainment system. It features an HDMI and an analogue input, as well as a sub-woofer out, should you wish to add a sub-woofer to your system.

Get brilliant sound without compromising on space or design with a collection of in-ceiling, in-wall and outdoor speakers specifically optimised for Amp.

amp feature hero 2
Sonos – Designer Audio For Your Designer Lifestyle 23

The Amp also allows you to enjoy stereo sound for shows, films and video games when you connect it to your speakers and TV. Another option is to wirelessly add a pair of One surrounds for an immersive Home Theatre experience.

Sonos One SL

Get rich, room-filling sound with the One SL speaker and control it with the Sonos app. The compact design fits into just about any space, be it a kitchen countertop or an office bookshelf. Being humidity resistant, even the bathroom is an option.

one front black 5
Sonos – Designer Audio For Your Designer Lifestyle 24

Pair the Sonos One SL with a One, or another One SL in the same room for stereo separation and more detailed sound.

Sonos One

The compact design of the One, similar to that of the One SL fits into just about any space. With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa built-in so that you can play music, check the news, set alarms and get all of your questions answered, it is completely hands free.

Sonos Move

The Move is a fun, innovative indoor/outdoor/anywhere speaker that offers bang for its buck. Get brilliant sound anywhere with this weatherproof and drop-resistant little speaker. Control it with your voice, the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2 when at home, or stream via Bluetooth when WiFi isn’t available.

move feature wet 2
Sonos – Designer Audio For Your Designer Lifestyle 25

The Sonos Move offers surprisingly rich bass, and with an IP56 rating, Move stands up to humidity, rain, snow, dust, sun, heat and cold. The battery last up to 11 hours ensuring that you won’t be left without music, no matter how long the party goes on.

Sonos Sub

sonos sub 1
Sonos – Designer Audio For Your Designer Lifestyle 26

The wireless Sonos Sub offers BIG, bold bass that you will not only hear, but will also feel. The sub features two force-cancelling drivers at the centre that reduce vibration and rattle so that all you get is bass, without the buzz. The Sub takes over the lowest frequencies, enhancing the midrange to provide fuller, more detailed sound.

Sonos Arc

The Sonos Arc is designed for cinematic sound and indulgence. This is the premium soundbar for movies, music, series and gaming, and brings entertainment to life with its brilliantly realistic sound offering.

Controlled with a remote, the app, a voice or Apple AirPlay2, the Arc is expertly tuned to immerse the user in its perfection.

The Sonos Arc features 11 high-performance drivers for crisp hights, dynamic midranges and surprising bass. With its slim profile, it can be discreetly mounted, or placed on furniture.

Sonos Five

Speakers that look as good as they sound – pretty cliched we know, but its true. The Five speaker is a high-fidelity speaker for superior sound quality. The Five allows you to experience vividly clear music, with room-filling sound. Featuring a new look and the latest in sound technology, this speaker will not let you down.

sonos 5
Sonos – Designer Audio For Your Designer Lifestyle 27

Featuring Trueplay, a technology that puts the speaker-tuning capability of the professionals in the palm of your hand, this speaker is customised to the unique acoustics of the room.

Sound X Perience is proud to now stock Sonos, a brand that is synonymous with both quality and excellence. Want to know more about this exciting product range? Click here.

See How Sonos Works

Everything you need to start enjoying brilliant sound. Set up your speakers in no time and start playing music and more over WiFi. Enjoy full control of your system with the app and your voice*. *Subject to regional availability

Here’s what
you’ll need

Set up your speaker on your home network to get started on streaming music, shows and more.Download the app

  • power circleA power sourcePlugin your speaker.
  • wifi circle
  • WiFi connectionConnect to WiFi wirelessly or hardwire your speaker to your router.
  • app circleThe Sonos app Download the app on your mobile device and follow the onscreen instructions.

Connect to WiFi

WiFi Your products connect directly to your home’s Wi-Fi network, just like your phone or computer. Place your Sonos products in any room that has a good connection to your home’s Wi-Fi signal, then download the Sonos app to get started.home circleStart with one speaker and easily add more later Simply plug your products into power and the Sonos App guides you through the setup. All speakers and components connect to each other over WiFi so you can build the system you want.bluetooth circle

Listen without interruption When your products are connected to a strong Wi-Fi network, enjoy your listening experience without interruptions or dropouts. Control it all on the app, With all of your streaming services and controls in one place, easily find and listen to your favorite music, podcasts, TV, and more on the app.

Choose where and when each speaker plays with a tap or use voice control to set alarms, check the news, and more.

sonos wireless speakers and home sound systems 8

Easily manage all of your streaming services and find what you want to listen toStream TV, music and moreEnjoy it all on one system. Add streaming services to the app to play a relaxing Spotify playlist before bed or change the mood of your weekend with a new album on Apple Music. Connect your home theater products to your TV to hear every detail while catching up on shows or rewatching the classics.

streaming services banner
sonos play
screenshot 2019 08 26 at 14.41.09 1screenshot 2019 08 26 at 14.41.09

Group speakers in different rooms

Connect two or more speakers together so they play in sync. Group the speakers in your bedroom and kitchen so that your morning playlist is already playing when you start making breakfast, or connect the rest of your system to your home theater so that everyone can enjoy the big game even from another room.

Build Your System

Easily connect speakers over WiFi to create the sound system you want, and expand it any time.Explore speakers

playbase top white
one sl top white
one top black

Brilliant Sound Enjoy clear, richly-detailed sound that fills the room at any volume. Easy to UseSetup takes minutes, and control is simple with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and your voice. Listen Your Way Customise your system and play what you want, where you want. HomepageSpeakersHow Sonos Works

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