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Trying to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of a projector, or even a large screen TV for that matter, can be tough to say the least!  For many people flat screen TVs are by and large, the default purchase when it comes to watching either their favourite sports events and shows, or even the latest action movies. For such people, the humble movie projector is generally reserved for the movie theatre (that is, even if it is part of the purchase decision to begin with).

However, this should not really be the case at all, since modern movie projectors are not just affordable and accessible, but thanks to the introduction of cutting edge technology, it is pretty much a contender for taking the  place in any living room of the average home owner in South Africa. This is why more and more people here are reaching the almost inevitable conclusion that purchasing a projector for your home movie watching pleasure, can potentially be a better choice than getting a straightforward TV. Let us take a closer look at the different technologies that are available today in terms of both these devices, so as to be able to come to a more well informed decision:

TVs vs. Projectors In Terms Of Overall Costs

475117 the best hdtvsIf large screens are where you think it is at, then of course the projector is inch for inch the undisputed winner. Here, it is prudent to understand that your average TV projector is almost always far more cost effective then its TV counterpart. It is possible to acquire an HD projector with a screen size of around 100 inches at a price less than its 80 inch counterpart HD TV. And many projectors today are easily capable of sizes in excess of 200 inches. This is not possible with a fixed screen LED.

Attention To Detail

projectorscreenmain4K is the buzz word here, and both large screen TVs as well as projectors can easily handle such high resolution rates easily enough. But there is a clear difference here.

UHD requires a really big screen to make a clear and tangible difference in terms of viewer experience. A small or medium screen will simply not be able to do justice to it at all. A projector screen, on the other hand, will really stand out!

Having said all this, it means that not only will be able to enjoy the rich and diverse colours from your projector, but would actually be able to partake of the movie experience – living it, rather than merely watching it.

In the light of the above, we can easily conclude that large screen TVs may be really popular, but the projector is still holding its own, to this day.

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