Jamo – one of the biggest names in home speakers, and for all the right reasons.

Jamo IC608 In-ceiling Home Theatre System comprised of 5 IC608 LCR speakers offers profound sound quality which emanates from above. These top of the range in-ceiling speakers are designed using the best materials and most advanced technology available today.

Perfect sound does not have to mean big, bulky speakers throughout your home. Instead, this system makes for the perfect front, centre and rear speaker combination, for a first-class home theatre Xperience.

The 8-inch white speakers boast a unique paintable magnetic grille, designed to blend seamlessly into any ceiling so that all you notice when walking into your home, is flawless sound quality.

Directional tweeters within the speakers enable perfect positioning to optimise listening pleasure while offering decoupled tweeter technology to eliminate unwanted vibration that distorts sound.

The Jamo IC608 series, now available at Sound Xperience, offers nothing short of surround sound perfection providing an invigorating listening Xperience.

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