There is no doubt that everything is better in surround sound. From The Voice to Game of Thrones, the better the sound quality, the better the show – obviously.

But there is one problem. To the majority of South African’s live in modest homes with seldom enough space to kick out and relax, never mind clutter up with bulky cinema-style equipment.

So where then do we expect you to fit a 5.1 home theatre system – the one that will change the way you enjoy sound for eternity?

Well, if your space limited but you still want to enjoy world class sound, you are in luck.

The new Denon SYS-2020 compact home theatre with small, unobtrusive speakers will work well for any sized room, from the coziest bedroom to the comfiest lounge.

The system is ideal for smaller rooms because of compact size, but is not out of place in a larger space either.

What is even better, you ask? Well, the price.

  • R10590 for the system and the recommended Denon amp AVRX 520 combined; a saving of R4000.
  • R14590 for the system and an upgraded Denon amp AVRx1300 combined; a saving of R5390

You don’t need to visit a movie house to enjoy a movie the way its maker intended. All you need is the new Denon SYS-2020 in the comfort of your own home.

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