monitor audio mrw 10 4

The Monitor audio MRW10 effectively combines innovative technology with a traditional design, which is one of the main selling points of the Monitor audio MRW10. The main piece of hardware in this audio system is the 10-inch driver that has been specifically designed with a MMP composite diffuser to enhance sound quality. The polypropylene base of the hardware has been reinforced using thin metal film, which has significantly increased stiffness.

One other benefit of having an in-built amp is its high efficiency. The rearward slotted bass reflex is responsible for the loading, which also helps minimize the heavy side tones when used at high volume.

The backboard of the subwoofer of Monitor audio MRW10 is well designed and is also quite functional, featuring all the necessary controllers one would look for in a sound system. You also get a level and phase controller along with a line input that allows you to connect to the amplifying technique. The best part about using the Monitor audio MRW10 is its rich, deep base, which can be felt with the standard floor-standing speakers, but with the right settings even with small shelf monitors. While it can sometimes detract the intensity of the workings the subwoofer has a decent initial response, which makes the whole experience enjoyable.

The Monitor audio MRW10 uses the MMP II (Metal Matrix Polymer) material for its 10” base cone. This material is ideal for the delivery of fast, powerful base. The long throw cone ensures that the deepest base notes are noticeable. You can enjoy an even more cohesive sound when pairing it with heavier speakers such as the MR-series speakers. It is advised to consult a home audio system provider who will get you the best audio for your home.

While a home theater receiver does provide its own built-in amplifier that is used to power speakers, there are some receivers that also feature a set of preamp outputs that can be connected to one or more amps depending on your requirements. Many people prefer to take advantage of this option because it provides them with the opportunity to get better sound quality as compared to the built-in amp, which transforms the receiver into an AV preamp. It should be noted here that while going with this option, the receiver’s own built-in amp is bypassed and the external amp is used. If you are looking to include an amp for your home theater system then you might want to get a professional who will be able to set up the devices for you.

With the advancements in home entertainment and audio technologies, many people are now looking to get the multi-zone experience that is offered by high-end amps. These amps have been specifically designed to provide the highest sound quality which can be enjoyed anywhere in your home. All you have to do sync your speakers with the amp and the Control4 system and you can enjoy your favorite music through the speakers in a specific room you’re in or play the same tune throughout your house.


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