Monitor Audio Mass – Must Have Speakers For 2019

Monitor Audio have always been, and will always remain a formidable force in the AV world offering cost-effective yet mind-blowingly brilliant speaker packages to discerning clients.

Quality Sound In A Beautiful Package

The new Monitor Audio Mass speaker system lives up to its reputation, delivering quality sound that is beautifully packaged.

The system comprises five Mass Satellite Speakers and one Mass Subwoofer.

The Monitor Audio Mass speaker system is quick and easy to set up and delivers genuinely enthralling surround sound excitement in a compact design. It succeeds at making any room feel like a state-of-the-art concert hall or cinema.

Bring Your Audio To Life

Music lovers, movie fans and gamers will revel in the system’s ability to put them in the middle of the action, bringing incredible levels of immersion to their favorite songs, films, and games.

Whether you are listening to music, a movie or a game soundtrack, the Mass Satellite speakers will bring your audio to life. Thanks to the beautifully engineered integration of its two drivers, the Mass Surround Sound is an outstanding listen, from the deepest bass to the crispest treble. Each satellite speaker is subtle and detailed with incredible dispersion and imaging.

Compact Easy Install Design

The satellite speakers are compact in design and can be used as free-standing, stand-mounted or wall-mounted speakers, offering versatility in installation.

The Mass subwoofer is compact enough to be discretely positioned in any space and is designed to highlight the deepest of bass notes, delivering a top-notch, high-performance bass experience to films, games, and music.

The system is designed to deliver full-scale audio fidelity from compact, stylish speakers and a discrete subwoofer. Monitor Audio’s Mass combines all Monitor Audio’s award-winning expertise with sophisticated looks. The result is a new level of performance for music, gaming and movie sound alike.

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