If you’re looking for a smart, portable, multi-purpose projector then look no further, the JVC LX-UH1 DLP is just what you are looking for.

Unlike many projectors, the JVC LX-UH1 DLP projector is light-weight and easy to install, making it the ideal carry-anywhere projector.

But despite its petite appearance, this projector packs way above its paygrade producing impressive 4k images.

Use this projector in your Home Cinema, or take it with you for on-site video conferencing, presentations and even watching the big game when you are not at home – you will never be disappointed.

The JVC LX-UH1 DLP offers superb clarity and with 4-times the resolution and 2000 lumens, this device produces beautiful, high-contrast picture quality that will leave you astounded whether installed in bright or dark spaces. The projector offers a high-resolution lens that zooms up to 1.6 times and displays in UHD.


The compact projector measures just 33 X 33 X 13.5cms.

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