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There are many reasons why it would be a smart choice to have a projector at your office. Whether you want your employees to attend a conference, important meeting or a corporate training session, using a projector can create a collaborative and interactive environment, where your employees can learn and absorb information more effectively. If you are still on the fence, here are a few reasons why you need a projector at your office.

Make Your Corporate Event Memorable

If you are planning on conducting a training session for your staff or a corporate event, or you are hosting a trade show where vendors, investors and other guests are going to attend, then you will want to make your event memorable. This is the perfect place to use a Optoma s341 projector. Short-throw projectors such as the Optoma s341 allow you to display images and video demonstrations that are crystal clear and allow you to spread your message to all the attendees more effectively.

Projectors also work as a large screen that is placed behind the keynote speaker at a large event so that everyone attending the event can have a clear view of the speaker. Other users of a projector include being used to display information such as event schedules or a map of the facility for the attendees. In this way, projectors allow businesses to get their message across and add a level of interactivity that is not possible with printing brochures.

Engage Your Audience

When was the last time you were in a meeting? Chances are, you saw someone sitting in the corner dozing off while the meeting was in progress. One individual talking to large group of people is certainly not the way to go when you want to engage your staff or create a learning opportunity for employees. Thanks to interactive projector technology such as the Optoma s341, business owners and managers are now able to create an interactive environment that not only engages their staff but creates a great learning opportunity. Using projectors during corporate training sessions also opens the door to better collaboration and longer engagement by the employees.

Size Matters!

Many business leaders have cottoned on to the fact that successful collaboration depends on large visual displays. That’s because your staff is likely to collaborate with each other with what they cannot see. This is especially the case where the meeting room is too small, where all the participants have to huddle together around small screens. It is far better if all of the attendees of a training session are able to see and read the same content, and what better way is there than increasing the size of the images with the use of an Optoma s341 projector.

A Cost-Effective Solution 

While purchasing a projector can be a bigger expense upfront, it pays to have one in the long run. The Optoma s341 allow users to use a stylus or their finger to write or draw onto the projector screen. Stats, images and other content can be saved and shared via your computer or laptop, eliminating the need to print hard copies of the presentation.

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