When it comes to speakers for a stereo audio systems, one question that often baffles many people is whether to go with a tower or bookshelf speaker. Since both have their advantages, having to choose between the two can be a quandary.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few factors to consider when it comes to choosing a speaker type for your stereo audio system.


The most important factor to consider while choosing a speaker for your home is the space you have in your room. Whether you go with a bookshelf or tower speaker, you need to choose speakers that are according to the dimensions to your room, to make sure that the output of the speakers are able to fill the room. Those who want to place a speaker in a small room can choose a bookshelf speaker such as the, KLIPSCH R15PM Bookshelf speaker (now paired with a DENON HEOS LINK), while those who have larger rooms can go with the Definitive Technology Mythosstl Tower Speaker or the POLK LSIM705 Tower speaker.

Sound Quality

The best speaker regardless of whether it is a bookshelf or tower speaker must have a few key features in order to deliver a truly immersive audio experience. This will include, sound accuracy, refinement and its ability to deliver low frequencies below 20Hz so that the listener is able to experience every subtle detail in the sound.

Apart from that, having great speakers can create a dramatic effect to every moment in a movie or music content by having dynamic range of output which includes well defined notes and body shaking bass.

In short, the best speaker is able to convey a truly exceptional sensory experience, which was intended by the content’s creator.


For true audiophiles, the speaker volume is much more than just the output of the speaker. It is a function of the speaker’s sensitivity and determines how well the speaker is able to convert power from the amp into volume. The more sensitive that speaker is, the better it is in playing sound.

Speakers such as the Definitive Technology Mythosstl Tower Speaker and the POLK LSIM705 Tower speaker are considered to inherently more sensitive and are thus able to produce more volume as compared to bookshelf speakers such as the KLIPSCH R15PM Bookshelf speaker. But, when it comes to bass and overall sound quality, there is not much difference between bookshelf and tower speakers.

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