Purchasing stereo amps is not as simple as it used to be. Thanks to the continuous advancements in amp technologies, nowadays there are more and more options in amp brands that deliver great sound quality. Since it’s not possible to have a review for every single amp by M&K, Rotel or Parasound, we are going to focus on Parasound amplifiers. So, if you happen to be scoping the market for Parasound amps then move in closer because the next few lines are going to tell you all about the best Parasound amps to invest in.

Parasound HALO

If you are searching for excellent audio quality and a bunch of features, then you are not going to be disappointed by the Parasound HALO. The first thing you notice about this amp right out the box is that it’s exquisitely designed and comes chock full of features that makes it utterly accommodating. When it comes to features in the Parasound HALO, you will have a phono stage, which is switchable, along with tone controls and a headphone output. This is an integrated 2.1 channel amp, and features outputs for a subwoofer and a crossover frequency option.

Parasound A52+

If you want the same amazing sound quality but having something a bit larger in mind, then go for the Parasound A52+. Parasound has introduced their new five-channel amplifier. If you are confused, the A- 52+ refers to their successful A 52. But the A-52+ features quite a few upgrades which makes it a good investment. You will notice a significant upgrade in the amp’s design, output and if you really have an ear for music, circuitry refinements which upgrade your music experience.

Parasound P7

Featuring two complete sets of 7.1 analog inputs, Parasound P7 is one of the best options in multi-channel preamplifiers available in the market today. With the P7, you get to enjoy the pinnacle of analog audio technology. Considering its reasonable price, the Parasound P7 is able to deliver exceptional sound quality and can easily become the center of any high-end stereo sound system. Along with the seven standard stereo outputs, there’s also a MM or MC phono output, so you don’t have to relocate your vinyl to a box in the garage. There’s also a front-mounted iPod/mp3 player input, IR jacks, an RS 232 port, and three 12-volt triggers, which makes it clear that Parasound thought of everything while designing the P7. If you are a fan of analog sound then this is the amp for you.

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