Another Top Speaker Pick For 2019

Full-Range Sound

If you want sound that completely transcends the status quo, then look no further than Definitive Technology’s recently launched BP9000 Series of speakers.

Providing true high-performance, and a full range of sound, these totally re-designed and re-engineered speakers boast improvements to every one of the company’s audio technologies. They offer big, room-filling sound that discerning clients demand, while still boasting pinpoint precision.

The Definitive Technology BP9000 speakers provide fully immersive sound, without cluttering your living space with too many big, bulky boxes. The floor-standing front speakers are equipped with a built-in sub-woofer, negating the need for a separate one somewhere else in the room, while up-firing built-in Atmos speakers negate the need for ceiling speakers.

The system features unique Intelligent Bass Control that gives you the ability to modulate deep bass up and down in level while simultaneously maintaining mid-range tonal balance.

 A New Dimension Of Sound

When combined with the patented forward-focussed Bipolar Array that provides total placement flexibility by creating the ultimate balance between room-filling sound and precise center image, it is clear to see why these speakers are so popular.

According to the experts at Definitive Technology, the best speakers are those that reproduce the balance between the highest highs, and the ground-shaking lows as accurately as possible. Their integrated sub-woofer matched with its respective bass radiator offers deeper, more impactful bass from the tower or center speakers, without having to add a separate sub-woofer.

Definitive Technology boasts a new dimension of sound. This dimension is clearly displayed in the BP9000 range of speakers which is both fierce and incredibly refined. They are easy to install, and are solid in build, with a sleek and modern design. The Definitive Technology BP9000 range certainly does define high-end Home Cinema speakers, and are well worth the investment, if top-class Home Cinema is what you are after!

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