When contemplating the pro’s (many) and con’s (none that we can think of!) of a home cinema, it is important to consider that the entire family can benefit from the wonderful home cinema Xperience – not just the grown-ups.

With a glamourous home cinema, fitted with a high-end projector and a lovely big-screen, your teenage children won’t be able to get enough of ‘family time’.

Picture yourself, your wife and your perfect 2.4 children sitting at home watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster in your individually designed home cinema room. A screen descends from the ceiling automatically, while the lights dim and the curtains close – all at the touch of a single button, thanks to your Control4 automation panel. Heated cinema seats that recline at will ensure comfort, while cold/warm beverages are served from your very own drinks holder.

One couldn’t imaging a family wanting to be anywhere else – quality family time with the best people in the world!


What’s more, imagine how popular your little mini-me’s would be with their friends when the neighbourhood minions find out about your kitted out home cinema. Invite them over and know that your teens are safe, being entertained in the refines and security of your own home. Peace-of-mind and popularity, combined into one awesome Xperience.


Do you have the space for a home cinema in your home? Home cinemas can be designed to your unique specifications, taking your needs and means into account.

Are you considering installing a home cinema, but simply want to know more? Click here.

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