Having to choose a projector can be a bit complicated… While there are still those who prefer to use the cost-effective lamp-based technology that’s been in use since the 90s, newer projector technologies have proven to be far superior as compared to their older cousins. For instance, DLP or digital light processing models are able to offer better image quality and performance. At the end of the day, you should choose the best projector that will suit your needs. Here, we are going to go through the different options available for projectors, to get a better idea of which one you should choose.

Categories Of Projectors For Your Home

All video projectors are made up of three main components, an imaging system, light source and an optical system. LCD projectors use a lamp as its light source. LED projectors use semiconductor diodes as a light source, and the third kind, laser projectors use a laser as its light source. Both the light source and the imaging system are the most essential features of any projector.

LCD Projectors

LCD or Lamp Based Projectors are typically cost-effective solutions to getting the benefits of a projector for the home. If you are on a budget then projectors such as the Optoma gt1080 is going to be the best projector for you. This type of projector also delivers well when it comes to brightness and is essential for using in bright rooms.

LED and Laser Projectors

If you are really looking to get the best picture quality then you can go for LED-based projectors, which are normally more expensive as compared to LCD-based projectors, but is able to deliver much better results when it comes to picture quality. Both LED and laser projectors offer a longer life span, which basically means 20,000 hours of maintenance free performance. These projectors run on the latest technology and can turn on or off instantly. Projectors, such as the Optoma gt1080 are also able to adjust power requirements according to your needs, depending on various factors, such as image brightness and room lighting etc., making them a cost-effective solution for the long term.

Enjoy HD Images and Color

Getting a projector with a laser light source and a LCD imaging system can be a significant step-up in performance quality. A laser light source that is paired together with digital light processing (DLP), while it will be more expensive, will deliver an exceptional level of picture quality and image color.

The only difference worth mentioning here is that three-chip technology is far superior as compared to single-chip DLP projectors. A three-chip model can perform far better over live camera feeds which is great if you are having a conference with members located at different physical locations. It is also able to deliver a richer color palette, which is not possible with a single-chip DLP projector.

Before you select a projector it is important to make sure you are getting what you need – this is where seeking professional guidance and advice to assist you in making a more informed decision comes in handy… Let us help you choose the correct projector for you!

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