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So, when we tell you that we love the JVC LX-NZ3 – you know we mean it.

jvc lx nz3 3
The Impressive Little JVC LX-NZ3 Home Theatre Projector 4

The JVC-NZ3 is a fully 4k/HDR compatible Home Theatre projector with a laser light source that provides for high resolution, brilliant brightness and a long life-span. It automatically delivers the best possible HDR images through its Auto-Tone Mapping functionality.

One of the main bugbears of previous generations of Home Theatre Projectors was their poor performance in high-light environments. Let’s face it, not everyone has a fully darkened Home Cinema wherein to enjoy their daily viewing – most times, a normal living area must suffice. Well, JVC have ensured that the LX-NZ3 does not require full darkness to achieve excellent image quality.

jvc lx nz3 2
The Impressive Little JVC LX-NZ3 Home Theatre Projector 5

The LX-NZ3 makes use of a BLU-Escent light source, and achieves an impressive 3 000 lumens of brightness to ensure that it can be used in normal family room settings, even if they contain high ambient light levels.

Furthermore, this projector boasts an impressive 20 000-hour long life-illumination span, ensuring that it will not need to be replaced for many moons to come.

With mechanical apertures, there is often some delay when adjusting light output, but JVC’s laser light source can control light output instantaneously, so dynamic brightness adjustment is possible with little or no delay. By controlling the output of the laser according to the brightness of the scene, the LX-NZ3 can reproduce images closer to reality. Moreover, when a complete black signal is input, contrast of infinity:1 can be achieved by controlling the laser output.

Another frustration for users of yester-year, was the need for manual picture adjustments when viewing different content. The LX-NZ3 automatically switches to the optimal picture mode for you, based on the signal it detects – this enables users to enjoy their HDR content, without the need for manual adjustments. It supports both HDR10 (adopted for UHD Blu-ray), and HLG (adopted for satellite and live TV) content and delivers HDR images, regardless of the room design.

jvc lx nz3 4
The Impressive Little JVC LX-NZ3 Home Theatre Projector 6

HDR10 content is known to vary greatly in terms of brightness, from any one release to another. For this reason, the LX-NZ3 has been equipped with Auto Tone Mapping which optimises content by reading the brightness metadata of the content, and adjusting brightness settings based on that information.

The LX-NZ3 also allows for flexibility in placement in a wide range of environments through its Wide Lens Shift feature. The lens shift features a wide of roughly 60 percent vertical range and about 23 percent horizontal range. It has a 1.6x zoom that supports a projection distance of between about 3 and 4.5 metres from a 100-inch screen.

The LX-NZ3 boasts high resolution 4K image from a compact projector. It’s compact size is credited to its use of the .47-inch Digital Micromirror device that allows the projector to deliver high resolution 4K images from a device that can be easily placed on a shelf, on a table or discreetly installed in a living or family room.

JVC offers the LX-NZ3 in either black or white cabinets, so users can choose a colour that best works with their room.

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