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    Description of the Wharfedale Floorstanding Speaker: 

    Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker continues to develop the innovative acoustic technology introduced in previous incarnations. The superb aesthetics continue to make the series fresh and visually exciting.

    For almost 30 years, Wharfedale’s famous Diamond speakers have served as the classic entry point to true high-fidelity sound, their exceptional value for money earning dozens of awards around the globe.

    Now, with the Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker  Series, Wharfedale has again raised the bar for affordable, high-performance loudspeakers.

    Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker

    Obviously, there is a huge amount of trickle-down technology from the more expensive series of true audiophile models.

    However, this market segment is extremely competitive and so the designers have definitely spent time consolidating every aspect of the series.

    Since then, every iteration of the famous Wharfedale Floorstand Speakers' line has adhered to that tradition but improved upon it.

    With the Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker we started afresh, taking established Diamond design features like Kevlar bass/mid cones.

    And the slot-loaded distributed port system and incorporating them into redesigned speakers superior in every way from the cabinets to the drive units, to the crossover.

    These speakers draw the listener into the musical performance in a way normally expected only from models at considerably higher price levels, embodying the traditional Wharfedale attribute of being great all-rounders across various music types.

    Add the elegantly curved and immaculately finished cabinets and we are proud to have created a range of speakers that delivers premium quality at remarkably affordable prices and entirely fitting with Wharfedale’s 85-year legacy.

    Advanced Driver Systems:

    Whereas most affordable speaker systems are based on drive units that are built down to a price, Wharfedale started with the premise that Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker drivers should be aimed at performance.

    That is why the Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker sports advanced driver systems incorporating elements normally only found in high-end loudspeakers, such as:

    (1) Bass and midrange driver baskets with a network of ribs for added strength, improving among other things transient impact;

    (2) Massive magnet designs improving sensitivity and control of cone movement;

    (3) Specially shaped single-forged pole piece with copper cap controls the magnetic flux and reduces low distortion through            the critical midrange area;

    (4) Progressive suspension featuring lightweight foamed surround for an extended midrange response;

    (5) Super-long-throw voice coil motor system to achieve unparalleled linearity and accuracy and

    (6) Woven Kevlar cones and, here the pole piece is vented through to a specially shaped rear chamber.

    Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker

    This provides a low resonant frequency, ensuring excellent linearity throughout the operating system and allowing the textile dome to contribute to a lucid midrange performance in addition to precise high-frequency detailing.

    High-frequency performance has been similarly enhanced with a newly evolved tweeter design. Again, an over-sized ceramic magnet system is used, with a copper cap for flux control.

    Kevlar Cones: 

    The discerning consumer will also note the diamond pattern moulded into the surround of the woven Kevlar cone - Kevlar is a synthetic aramid fibre, manufactured by DuPont®, and probably best known for its use in bulletproof vests.

    Indeed, those same mechanical properties of strength and the ability to dissipate the energy of a bullet also have benefits for speaker cones. On the Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker this is not just cosmetic.

    The pattern reduces and damps undesirable 'standing-waves' in the driver surround thus yielding a cleaner high-frequency roll-off.

    Low Profile Driver Chassis: 

    The open nature of the chassis reduces reflection from rear cone movements, allowing air to move freely through the driver, which in turn results in an overall even response with much lower distortion.

    Formed from a high density, injection-moulded polymer pioneered by Wharfedale, the chassis itself provides substantial damping of ring waves.


    The concept of curved cabinet walls for strength, the reduction of cabinet flex and internal standing waves, has been retained from the Diamond 9 and 10 Series with strong side walls.

    Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker

    This has been made possible through a superior method of bonding and curving the panels, increasing rigidity and, aided by internal bracing, reducing the audible effects of panel resonance.

    Along with the strong cabinet, the dual bass drivers have a chassis formed from strong nylon-filled homo-polymer, which has been given a massive flange secured to the cabinet with six screws to improve stability.

    The front baffle has a composite panel structure to reduce vibration.

    The enclosures are stuffed full with poly-fill (a tontine like material) that improves bass and midrange performance.

    Offset Bi-Wire Terminals:

    Utilizing the same familiar offset terminal block as with its predecessors, the gold-plated contact areas and bridging strips allow firm connections with the best possible connectivity, whilst the offset pattern provides an allowance for heavy duty cables and a wider range of cable connection options.

    About Wharfedale: 

    Although the Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker is wholly made in China, the design is still all done in-house in Britain. Frankly, they couldn't afford to make them over there and still sell at a competitive price.

    However, IAG in China has proven that it can deliver top-notch quality. In addition to Wharfedale, they also manufacture other marquee brands including Audiolab, Ekco, Luxman, Mission and Quad and all too uncompromising standards.

    Specifications of the Wharfedale  Floorstand Speaker: 

    Configuration:                              Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker
    Enclosure type:                            Bass reflex (slot-loaded)
    Bass drivers:                                 2 x 8″ woven Kevlar
    Midrange driver:                           4″ woven Kevlar
    Tweeter:                                       1″ textile dome
    Sensitivity:                                    90dB
    Recommended amp power:         25-200W
    Nominal impedance:                    8 Ohms compatible
    Frequency response:                   35Hz-20kHz
    Cabinet volume:                           Mid 10.7; Bass 63L
    Dimensions:                                 (HxWxD) 44″ x 11.42″ x 13.78″
    Weight (each):                              Approx 33Kg

    Wharfedale Floorstand Speaker

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    1 review for Wharfedale Diamond 11.5 3-way Floorstanding Speaker Pair (White) – Strictly Online Only

    1. Roger

      I love the catchy sleek appearance. The music sounds lively, a very real life like quality. They sound great on movies too, super solid bass

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