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    Extraordinary sound has never looked better. The THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker's exuberant performance is contained in a distinctively elegant body, featuring smooth curves and a piano finish. The perfect accessory that completes any decor at your home, office or studio. Ideal for desktops and home environments. If red is too flashy, the award-winning sound system also comes in black, white, blue and orange to better match your home’s interior design.

    From the award winning Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speaker 2.1 sound system, Edifier has enhanced the CES innovated award honoree into the E235, a 5.1 surround sound system. It’s time to enhance your TV listening experience. Independent industrial designers, engineers, and members of the trade media have given theTHX Certified Bluetooth Speaker system the 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honouree. Its outstanding design and engineering have set it apart from competitors.

    When you think of home speakers, you may well think of small dull rectangles. The THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker has definitely been breaking the mould with its simple, rounded approach to futuristic speaker design. But, as any audiophile knows, looks don’t make the speaker. We’re searching for the sound. The separation. The punch and clarity. Bridging the world of design thinking and engineering with the latest in technology, Edifier introduces the Luna E e235 THX-certified active speaker system to the world of multimedia, movies and gaming. At a staggering 176 watts of output sound, this system comes in signature Edifier red from the Luna range as well as classic black.

    Edifier E235 Luna E 2.1 Speaker System- Wireless Subwoofer - Apt-x Bluetooth - Optical - Dolby - Reviews | Headphone Reviews and Discussion - Head-Fi.orgWIRELESS SUBWOOFER:

    The subwoofer is wirelessly connected at a 5.8GHz radio frequency to its satellite companions. Built with two 20 centimeter drivers to provide clear, crisp sound. With its 100-watt built-in amplifier, the subwoofer takes your music to the next level, leaving the wires behind. It’s a match made in heaven when combining the subwoofer and the 2-way satellite speakers. The E235 features 3 speakers, a subwoofer and a decoder unit to provide high-quality sound.


    Edifier’s e235 THX Certified Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system is controlled easily with the slick remote that accompanies the system. The small and thin remote fits right in your pocket for simple volume control. Thanks to the touch-sensitive controls on the THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker the remote is not always necessary.

    The touch-sensitive controls on the Bluetooth Speaker allow you to turn the system on and off, and adjust the volume without using the remote.It also features a swipe motion track navigation to easily change songs for your comfort. Adjust your listening experience with the sleek remote accompanying the THX Certified Speaker System. It also features touch-sensitive controls on the decoder. The OLED display allows you to adjust volume, decoder status and trimmer settings for the experience you want.

    E235 Luna E-Award winning 2.1 speaker with wireless subwoofer - Edifier MyanmarOptical Input:

    Your TV has never sounded this great. Providing depth and power, the THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker brings you closer to the actors in every movie so you can experience what they are experiencing just by sound. Movies have never sounded this amazing. Clear sound will make you want to connect your gaming system, DVD, and TV to the stylish THX Certified Bluetooth speakers.

    Make any electronic device more powerful by taking advantage of the auxiliary cable accompanying the THX Certified Bluetooth speakers. This model also features connectivity via the optical or auxiliary input port. Ideal for your Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox console. Solid build overall cables, thick, thought, and flexible cables.

    Very premium feel to the cables. The THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker provides an engaging experience and (at high volume) quite happily disturbed people in other rooms – and going about their business on other floors. All connectivity is routed to the right speaker, which then connects to the left speaker with the included speaker connection cable. A remote control and various audio cables are also included for instant connectivity.

    You’ll need to connect some sort of music source as Edifier has not included the ability to use WiFi music streaming sources such as Spotify. You use the included remote to select your audio source. The remote, which looks rather ordinary compared to the speakers, also allows you to control the volume of the left/right speakers separately from the subwoofer and gives you mode options of ‘Music’, ‘THX’ and ‘3D’.

    Dual Bass Radiators:

    Each speaker contains a 3/4" 19mm tweeter and a 3" 76.2mm full-range speaker drive, producing a total RMS of 74 watts. In addition, each speaker contains two 3" 76.2mm passive bass radiators, maximizing the bass performance and listening experience. The incorporation of Digital Signal Processing(DSP) and Dynamic Range Compression(DRC) minimizes distortion even at the highest volumes. Its aim is to create reproducible sound fields – where the intention of the film/game-maker is accurately reproduced in a cinema or home environment.

    A slim, easy to use remote control also controls volume levels and power to the speakers. Designed with dual layer housing to provide outstanding sound dampening. Both satellites are equipped with a ¾” tweeter and a 3-inch driver producing 38w.

    THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker

    THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker

    THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker  2.1 helps keep the party going without getting out of your seat. With a signal reception range of up to 9 meters, the THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker audio system achieves high-quality sound no matter where you place it. Best of all, it can be controlled from virtually anywhere in your house through your paired device

    What can you expect when opening the THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker box?

    Satellite Speakers, Subwoofer, power adapter, power cord for subwoofer, black cleaning cloth, user manual guide, RCA to 3.5mm adapter, 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio input cable, power cord for satellite speaker, Infra-Red IR remote control, Optical fiber input (tosh-link) cable, speaker connecting cable for power.


    The tweeters on all the speakers are protected by a curved piece of metal. However, the 8” speakers on the sub-woofer are exposed, so you might want to consider physical factors before choosing the e235.Each of the speakers has a reassuring heft to it, with the sub being very weighty.  To prevent the sub from damaging its own power cable it has been designed to allow the speaker to sit over the cable without compromising the overall look.



    Specifications of the THX Certified Bluetooth Speaker:

    Power output :                      RMS 16W × 2 + 22W × 2 + SW 100W
    Signal to noise ratio:            85dBA
    Input sensitivity:                   AUX: R/L: 550±50mV
    SW:                                      800±50mV
    Optical: R/L:                         300±50mFFS
    SW:                                      250±50mFFS
    Bluetooth:                             R/L: 300±50mFFS
    Input type :                           Optical/AUX/Bluetooth
    Bass unit:                             8 inch (210mm)
    Mid-range unit:                     3 inch (82mm)
    Treble unit:                           19mm silk dome

    Product (out of packaging):           100mm (L) x 210mm (H) x 20mm (W)
    Weight (out of packaging):            1.56kg
    Product (in packaging):                 550mm (L) x 320mm (H) x 140mm (W)
    Weight (in packaging):                   5.3kg

    Who killed Kenny? Edifier Luna Eclipse 2.1 (e235) in review | igor´sLAB


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    1 review for Edifier E235 THX Certified 2.1 Active Bluetooth Speaker System – Strictly Online Only

    1. Emmanuel

      These speakers are extremely crisp and clean. The fact that they’re THX speakers already sets them apart from competition. They sound amazing and look absolutely stunning

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