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2 in stock

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    Description of the Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000:

    Tune Out The World. Tune In Your Music. Music's power is undeniable: it inspires, refreshes and motivates, even helps us escape. Lead a hectic, fast paced life?

    The Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 is your portal to music's rejuvenating benefits. The Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 produces a truly amazing sound as easily on an airline or busy city street, as it will at home in front of your stereo system.

    In fact, thanks to Secure Fit support, generously cushioned ear pads and Active Noise Canceling technology, you'll hear your music with extraordinary clarity and detail, without distortion even in locations with high levels of ambient noise.Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000

    Polk's patented Dynamic Balance driver technology, in combination with active noise canceling and passive noise isolation, produces an audiophile grade listening experience.

    In addition, an ear 3 button remote control and an in line microphone enable you to use iPod, iPad and iPhone anytime, anywhere.

    There's also push to hear ambient control that mutes the audio and amplifies outside sounds, so you can hear those around you without removing the headphones.

    Details that add to an enjoyable listening experience include an ultra flexible, tangle free audio cable, made of non microphonic material, that eliminates exterior sound transfer.

    While a lightweight carbon fiber headband ensures a snug yet comfortable over ear fit.

    Battery-assisted Active Noise Canceling technology eliminates the distractions of the outside world, and Polk's exclusive optimized active tuning takes advantage of ANC technology to improve the overall performance dynamics of Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 (Batteries included).

    Passive Isolation Technology:

    The Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 design surrounds each ear; both designs naturally minimize outside distractions.

    Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000Push-To-Hear Ambient Control:

    Instantly mutes audio and amplifies outside sounds so you can experience the outside world without removing your headphones.

    Dynamic Balance Design Technology:

    Dynamic Balance is our patented advanced analysis of a speaker's entire electro-acoustic and mechanical system. It helps us select better materials and more efficient geometry.

    With deep analysis, we can pinpoint and eliminate things that reduce performance before they become a part of the finished product.

    The miniature polymer drivers in Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 are specially tuned to produce a flat, uncolored frequency response.

    This true transparency reveals a wide dynamic range, with sharp details, and no hint of strain.

    Active Dynamic Balance Polymer Drivers:

    Drivers just like those used in full-sized loudspeaker, only a lot smaller.

    Designed with the same care, and the same adherence to superior performance parameters, Active Dynamic Balance technology is an exclusive combination of active noise cancelling and our patented Dynamic Balance material tuning process.

    Discrete crossover filters added to each Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 driver system naturalize high frequencies for more lifelike sound.

    Ultra-Flexible Tangle-free Planar Audio Cable:Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000

    Round cables, always coiling up and twisting, are a constant source of annoyance. Repetitive twisting can result in broken cables that flop out of their connection.

    The Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 uses a flat planar cable design that completely eliminates coiling, so your headphone cables won't tangle up.

    Oxygen-free cable technology enhances audio conductivity for stellar sound quality.


    StrainGuard design protects the places where headphones take the most abuse. It includes a Kevlar core that provides extra tensile strength to the cables, preventing pull-aparts at common failure points, like transitions and connection points.

    In the Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000, all transitional connections are computer designed for perfect fit, to strengthen the points where they fail most.

    Gold-plated 3.5 mm Connector:

    Designed to fit through the opening on all i-gadget cases.

    Extra-long battery life:

    40 to 60 hours with normal ANC usage. Easy to see blinking low battery indicator. (Two AAA batteries included.)

    Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000Convenient 3-Button On-Ear Controller:

    3-button on-ear control & microphone lets you use your iPhone, iPod (and iPad) on the fly.

    Change tracks, volume, initiate play/pause or take a call (iPhone) without touching your player.


    A single switch handles noise cancellation, and without it turned on, music won’t play. Beats' Studio 2.0s also operate like this, but the saving grace in Polk’s favour is that they operate on two AAA batteries rather than being rechargeable.

    So just make sure you always have a spare set with you. Depending on your usage, you should get 40-60 hours of playback before you need them.

    The effectiveness of the noise cancelling on the Polks is reasonable but not infallible, and some outside noise can creep in.

    We’d say they manage to block out a bit more than the likes of the Beats Studio, but don’t come close to the levels of quiet offered by the Bose QC25s. But then, not much does.


    Like the PSBs though, the Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 offers a really big sound.

    They’re not quite as powerful or as spacious, perhaps, but they’re just as confident and display real enthusiasm for most genres of music we throw at them, with a preference for lively, upbeat music.

    The Polks subscribe to a similar sonic signature to Beats Studios, with the balance tipping in the favour of a deep, warm low end as a priority.

    While they stop short of being overpowering or boomy – in fact the bass is quite taut and controlled – feed them a bassy recording such as Jay Z’s F.U.T.W and it becomes a touch overemphasised for our taste.

    The midrange is never muddied though, and is delivered with focus and clarity. As is the balance here, vocals are direct and full-bodied, but can lose a touch of intimacy in more delicate recordings.

    The emotional delivery of Rihanna’s Stay, for example, is direct and passionate, but loses the hint of vulnerability you’ll notice in more insightful headphones.

    For the most part, the treble is crisp and controlled, but does lack a bit of refinement.Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000

    Play a brighter recording like Of Monsters and Men’s Little Talks and while you’ll hear more detail across the frequency range compared with something smooth like the Beats Studios.

    There’s a hint of coarseness here that can make them sound a little cruder.

    It’s not a deal breaker, but their unforgiving nature does mean that you’ll need to be careful with the quality of track you feed the Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000.

    They’ll keep up with whatever you give them though, and are never flustered by complicated rhythms or complex instrumentals.

    The Polks organize System of a Down’s frantic Chop Suey! without a stutter, and devour the madness of Chase and Status’s Smash TV with ease.

    Their only issue in these situations is that of space. When there are a lot of instruments fighting to be noticed in the mix, they can start to sound a bit congested.

    Overall, this is a good pair of headphones with some provisos. There isn’t enough for us here in terms of refinement and balance, but they will pump plenty life into your music collection and make it an altogether fun experience.

    The extra detail on offer compared to something like the Beats Studio 2.0s just about makes up for the occasionally cruder sound, but a touch more insight and consideration for more delicate tracks wouldn’t go amiss.

    Their balance has caused quite the debate among the review team, and for a more even handed, refined approach, we’d certainly look elsewhere. But for an engaging, exciting listen, these full-bodied cans tick both boxes.

    Specifications of the Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000:

    • over-the-ear design
    • closed, padded earcups with adjustable headband
    • active noise-canceling technology to reduce distracting external sounds
    • push-to-hear ambient control lets you pause the noise-canceling feature for brief conversations without removing headphones
    • built-in, three-button earcup controls and in-line microphone for hands-free use with iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad®
    • 40mm Polk Dynamic Balance® drivers for low-distortion and extended, full-range sound
    • 55" tangle-resistant oxygen-free copper headphone cable
    • carbon fiber headband provides a lightweight, secure and comfortable fit
    • frequency response: 8-28,000 Hz
    • sensitivity: 110 dB
    • impedance: 32 ohms
    • Noise cancelling over-the-ear headphones
    • 55" Detachable headphone cable (with a straight 2.5mm connector on one end and a right-angle 3.5mm connector on other end)
    • 6.5" Mobile phone adapter (2.5mm-to-3.5mm)
    • 7" Skype adapter (1 female 3.5mm/2 male 3.5mm)Airplane adapter
    • External attenuator adapter
    • Clothing clip
    • Owner's Manual (En/Sp)
    • Quick Fit Guide
    • Online Product Registration
    Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000
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    1 review for Polk Audio Ultra Focus 8000 On-Ear Headphones Black- Strictly Online Only

    1. Nokulunga Moyo

      Clear detailed music! These headphones enable you to turn off the world literally and focus on your entertainment

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