Monitor Audio Silver 200 2.5-way Floorstanding Speaker Pair (Black Gloss)

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Description of the Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker: 

The Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker sleek appearance makes it a truly compact and attractive floorstander, blending audiophile performance with lifestyle proportions.
A pair of Monitor Audio’s unique 5¼-inch C-CAM bass drivers share the duties of delivering bass and mid/bass.
Configured as a two-and-a-half way system both electrically and acoustically, you will be amazed at the magical sound quality that this slimline can produce in your home.Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker
The two bass drivers operate in separate acoustic chambers within the enclosure to provide differential tuning and are divided optimally with crossovers to ensure both bass drivers contribute to the lower frequencies.
This ensures only the mid-range crosses over with the tweeter and results in a consistent and precise image, on and off axis.
This configuration delivers performance approaching a three-way design whilst ensuring higher efficiency and extended low frequency, yet in a smaller cabinet.
The Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker drive units are constructed with massive magnetic systems capable of deep bass extension.
The low-frequency response has been engineered to provide smooth roll-off without exhibiting any of the usual ‘overhang’, meaning that the Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker can be sited close to a wall and provide the ideal blend of domesticity and blazing performance.
Diminutive for a floorstander, this model is no slouch. The Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker is a serious audiophile speaker with amazing drive and incredible musicality.
The engineering challenge was to create a smaller box with bigger sound; with the Silver 200, Monitor Audio achieves that goal so that you can enjoy your music and films with convincing realism.

Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker delivers powerful yet nuanced musical performance, without taking up much space in your room.

In fact, this slender tower offers surprisingly full sound for its size, making it a great fit for small- to medium-sized rooms.

Available in a range of attractive real-wood veneer and high gloss finishes, the Silver 200 is a speaker you'll love listening to and looking at.

The Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker is part of Monitor Audio's Silver "6G" Series — the sixth generation of the company's "sweet spot" speaker lineup, which falls between their Bronze and Gold Series speakers.

The Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker is the smallest tower in the Silver series.

Great sound starts with a high-quality cabinet:

The clear, distortion-free sound of the Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker is in part due to its carefully designed rock-solid enclosure, which resists vibration that can color sound and reduce clarity.

Each of the Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker  5-1/4" woofers has its own acoustic chamber, ensuring textured, accurate midrange and punchy bass.

Monitor Audio SS200 SpeakerAdvanced tweeter and crossover design:

The Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker 1" gold dome tweeter uses a rigid-but-lightweight design that delivers clear, detailed highs and realistic reproduction of instruments, vocals, and dialogue.

An advanced crossover network helps ensure smooth, full-range sound throughout the speaker's frequency range.

\Use a pair of the Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker as part of a high-end stereo system or as the front channels of a Monitor Audio home theater system.

A welcome addition to your décor:

The Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker included outrigger feet screw into the bottom of the speaker to provide a sturdy — and cool looking — foundation.

And Monitor Audio tops the Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker off with an attractive "floating" magnetic grille that features invisible attachments to give it a clean, classy look.

Having reached its 6th generation, the Silver series seems to have been extremely popular as they managed to combine great looks with advanced technologies at a very respectable price.

And if you take into account the number of speakers that this series includes along with the color variations available there is surely something for everyone.

Having three floorstanders, two bookshelf speakers, two center speakers, one surround speaker along with a subwoofer unit you can get the whole deal out of this lineup.

As for the Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker these are the smallest floorstanders in this series and combining their small size with advanced technologies.

They borrow from Monitor Audio’s top lineup they are set to deliver the kind of performance that you would not usually get from such a small sized cabinet.

Do they manage to do that or in the end size truly matters when it comes to Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker? Let’s put them to the test to find out.

Specifications of the Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker: 

MINIMUM IMPEDANCE 4.7 ohms @ 182 Hz
BASS ALIGNMENT Dual chamber bass reflex with differential tuning. Twin HiVe II port system
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (INCLUDING GRILLE AND TERMINALS) 885 x 165 x 269 mm (34 13/16" x 6 1/2" x 10 9/16")
MAXIMUM SPL 114 dbA (pair)
MF/HF: 2.9 kH
DRIVE UNIT COMPLEMENT 1 x 5 1/4" RST bass driver 1 x 5 1/4" RST bass/mid driver
25mm Gold Dome C-Cam tweeter
WEIGHT (EACH) 14.6 kg


Monitor Audio SS200 Speaker

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1 review for Monitor Audio Silver 200 2.5-way Floorstanding Speaker Pair (Black Gloss)

  1. Lance

    The silver 200s have a wide sound range , great detail and all round sound incredible

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