JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Surround Soundbar System With Dolby Atmos

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    Description of the JBL Bar Wireless Surround System: 

    Upgrade your viewing or gaming experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Built-in Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X™ and four upfiring speakers bounce sound up to the ceiling back down to you for an awesome, true 3D sound experience.
    Instantly enjoy a true, cinematic JBL Bar Wireless Surround System experience. Simply place the two detachable surround speakers behind you. No extra wires, no extra power connections so no extra hassle.JBL Bar Wireless Surround System
    Built-in batteries mean audio freedom. Place the two detachable surround speakers anywhere in your room to enjoy an incredible audio experience.
    After 10 hours of playback, simply dock them to the soundbar to recharge.
    The JBL Bar Wireless Surround System brings audio experience of a movie theater into your home with two detachable surround speakers and the added punch of Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™ 3D sound.
    JBL Bar Wireless Surround SystemWith 820 watts of total system power, you can enjoy every Oscar-worthy performance through powerful, crystal-clear audio.
    Turn up the 10’’ subwoofer for pulse-pounding bass or turn it down and relax with Chromecast and AirPlay music streaming.
    Immerse yourself in the latest blockbuster or re-live your favorite movie or sport scenes.
    The most incredible home cinema sound experience is here.

    Imagine a crossfader between convenience and quality with a soundbar at one end and a full home cinema speaker package and amplifier at the other. Somewhere towards the middle is a space that the JBL Bar Wireless Surround System is aiming to occupy.

    It looks like a single JBL Bar Wireless Surround System, but this is something similar to a Transformer toy.

    Remove the two ends of the bar and place them behind and to the side of your seating position and they become the dedicated, true wireless, battery-powered rear speakers in a surround sound set-up. It’s the sort of thing that Optimus Prime might have at home.

    Complete with upward-firing speakers on both the main bar and the satellites, it represents a real effort to completely fill your room with AV audio. Are we looking at the new normal for modern TV sound? We certainly hope so.

    Inside the JBL Bar Wireless Surround System, there are four oval-shaped midrange drivers facing forward and arranged into the front three channels of the surround along with three 20mm tweeters.

    On the top surface, facing upwards, are two full-range drivers for the front section of the Atmos effects.

    The removable rear speakers on each end are attached by a set of good, strong magnets. When docked, they charge up their 10-hour battery over the course of three hours.

    During which they will still operate if you are watching TV or listening to music. Detach them with a firm tug, though, and the fun begins.

    At 17cm tall, they are ideal for popping on a solid surface, such as a table, just over a metre off the floor. You can wallmount them – brackets are included – but the joy of this bar is the flexibility on offer.

    The speakers can be perched on the back of your sofa, up against the wall, on a window ledge or wherever is most convenient.

    JBL Bar Wireless Surround SystemUltimately, the JBL’s flexibility means you can avoid rearranging your furniture or purchasing extra speaker stands that are associated with a more traditional home cinema set-up.

    Within these satellites are four more channels of sound. Each has an upward-firing, full-range driver for the final two Atmos speakers as well as another 20mm tweeter apiece for the surround effects.

    The missing midrange speakers on the rears seem like a bit of an odd omission.

    The JBL Bar Wireless Surround System is massive, at 30cm tall and 44cm deep, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, it takes up rather a lot of space, but the bulk gives room for a hefty 25cm down-firing drive unit. In total, these drivers amount to a 5.1.4 arrangement.

    Getting the JBL Bar Wireless Surround System up and running is a doddle. There’s no app, which is a little unsettling at first, but thanks to a tidy, feature-packed remote, plus Chromecast and AirPlay 2 support, there isn’t any need for one.

    You may be glad not to have yet another piece of bloatware clogging up your mobile phone.

    There are wired and wireless connections for the internet, a choice of optical or eARC HDMI (HDCP 2.3) for source connections, plus an HDMI-in for 4K passthrough, which is also Dolby Vision-compatible.

    You can send music to the bar via Bluetooth, but it should be noted that the USB socket is only for software updates.

    We'd ideally like to see a few more HDMI inputs. While the eARC connection means sources can be routed through your TV, doing so isn't always straightforward, and going direct is generally preferable.

    That said, the JBL Bar Wireless Surround System isn't the only soundbar to go down the minimal inputs route - the Sonos Arc no dedicated HDMI inputs at all.

    Once connected, your next move is calibration and that’s largely a two-part process. First, is the tone-firing auto-calibration, which you can redo any time you like.

    The second is a set of three adjustments that you can make from the remote. You can set the Rear effects to Low, Medium or High; the same for the Atmos effects; and then the sub can be set at levels of force from 1-5.

    There’s also a facility for reducing the Rear and Atmos effects to almost nothing by switching into Standard Mode – handy if you don’t like your news or weather reports delivered with home cinematic drama.

    Mercifully, lip sync issues are also taken care of, thanks to an audio delay adjustment.

    It should be noted that these features aren’t the easiest to discover. Pressing and holding certain buttons on the remote activates them, but the explanations are only found hidden away deep inside the manual.


    Specifications of the JBL Bar Wireless Surround System: 

    Connections HDMI out, HDMI in, eARC, Optical out

    Battery life 10 hours (rears)

    Dolby Vision support Yes

    Chromecast Yes

    AirPlay 2 Yes

    Bluetooth Yes

    Dimensions (hwd) 6 x 88.4 x 12cm (soundbar)

    Dimensions (hwd) 6 x 17.3 x 12cm (surrounds)

    Dimensions (hwd) 44 x 30.5 x 30.5cm (subwoofer)


    JBL Bar Wireless Surround System

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    2 reviews for JBL BAR 9.1 True Wireless Surround Soundbar System With Dolby Atmos

    1. Xolile

      Am I still listening to a soundbar system? This soundbar is a whole powerhouse! It delivers immersive audio that blurs the line between it and a home theatre system

    2. HENNING

      Awesome soundbar,deep bass,it delivers amazing surround sound

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