Furman SPR-16E i Stable Power AC Voltage Regulator


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    • SMP provides the highest level of protection available
    • LiFT significantly reduces AC line noise
    • E.V.S. protects equipment from dangerous overvoltage conditions
    • Provides an ultra-stable 230 VAC supply from low or high voltage sources
    • Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT) for unequaled audio / video clarity
    • Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP) featuring Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS)
    • Cool running, noise free technology allows placement in critical listening environments
    • Detachable surge suppression module for telco and cable / satellite connectors
    • 16 amp RMS capacity

    For over 33 years, Furman has pioneered the development of AC power products for the most demanding audio, video, and broadcast professionals. Though the need for stable AC power is nothing new, the SPR-16E i's technology and its unique implementation is revolutionary.

    The extreme AC demands encountered in the professional audio/video arena have required technological developments far in excess of typical home theater/audiophile power products. In studios, live sound, and broadcast facilities, breakdown is unacceptable. Equipment failure or poor performance is costly. The same is true of today's home theater. Our solution based technology, extensive engineering expertise, and robust build quality have answered the challenge of today's corrupted power lines, and led to the creation of the SPR-16E i.

    With today's chaotic demands on many municipal power facilities, AC voltage is often reduced so that it can be stretched to fulfill excess demand. This creates a substantial negative impact on your system's performance. Power amplifiers and powered sub-woofers cannot perform to their full potential. Even a relatively modest reduction in AC voltage can obliterate the sonic impact of an otherwise superior system. Just as problematic are excessively high line voltages. Excess voltage can overheat sensitive circuits; lower the life and reliability of projector lamps, and cause many circuits to shut down. With the SPR-16E i's exclusive Stable Power AC Voltage Regulation Technology, voltage-starved power amplifiers and powered subwoofers perform at their full potential. With the SPR-16E i, home theaters are supplied with constant, virtually unwavering AC voltage. This assures trouble-free service for any environment suffering from unstable power.

    The SPR-16E i generates virtually no heat, and produces none of the mechanical noise typical in inferior AC voltage regulators. Further, our zero-crossing solid state technology provides virtually unlimited peak current delivery, avoiding the current limiting found in AC regulators that convert AC power into DC, then synthesizing an AC output signal.

    In addition to unstable voltage, today's AC lines are plagued with RF and EMI noise. When connecting sensitive equipment to your home's power outlet, AC noise couples into your system's critical components. This AC noise masks low level signals and cripples performance. This low level content is critical because it relays the crucial harmonics and ambience in audio, as well as the depth and clarity in video. With Furman's exclusive Linear Filtering Technology, televisions, projectors, DVD players, and processors are fed linearly-filtered AC power. This dramatically reduces noise, ensuring consistent peak operation of your critical components regardless of load conditions or the time of the day.

    Another critical feature is our exclusive Series Multi-Stage Protection. This virtually maintenance-free surge suppression assures the highest level of AC protection possible, without sacrificing itself when the offending surge is severe: no damaged equipment, no service calls, no down time. Further, our digital AC input voltage, output voltage, and current meters allow precise measurements of both the AC line and the current load. These meters are a valuable asset when monitoring systems that are connected to today's potentially poor power grids, or the meters may be dimmed when monitoring is not required.

    When employing the SPR-16E i, you will notice far clearer, stunningly focused sound and visual images from your system. Video presentation will be crisp and colors true with greater gray and black scale definition, as well as noticeably improved depth and clarity. When installed with the IT-Reference 16E i, home theaters will reap the dual benefits of Furman's Stable Power and Discrete Symmetrical AC Filtering, ensuring performance without compromise — without peer.


    AC Current Capacity Input - 16 Amp capacity requiredOutput - 16 Amps RMS (15 Amps continous & 215 VAC)
    AC Voltage Regulation Provides AC regulation for a continuous output of 230VAC (±5.0V typically) with an input

    voltage range of 213VAC to 245VAC. (The SPR-16E i will regulate well beyond 213VAC to 245VAV, but not within ±5.0VAC)

    Linear Noise Attenuation Tranverse (Differential) Mode:> 40 dB from 10 kHz - 100 kHz, > 80 dB from 100 kHz - 1GHz

    (Linear attenuation curve from 0.05 - 100 ohms line impedance)

    Common Mode (video outlets):

    > 75 dB, 10 Hz - 50 kHz, > 40 dB 50 kHz - 1 MHz

    Outlets 1 (linearly filtered outlet – 16 amp)7 (linearly filtered outlets)

    4 (linearly filtered outlet with additional ultrasonic filtering for video components)

    Transient Voltage Surge Suppression 230 VAC - Series Multi-Stage Protection - Non-Sacrificial with Zero Ground Contamination.(376 V peak clamping & 6000V / 3000A input)

    Telco Cable / Satellite (less than .1dB insertion loss)

    Shutdown Range > 275 VAC ± 5 VAC
    Dimensions 152mm H x 432mm W x 413mm D(Standard 3 rack unit height without feet)
    Weight 15.5 kg
    Power Consumption 12 Watts for display and control circuits independant of actual load
    Safety Agency Listing C-ETL


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