Denon PMA-900HNE Integrated Amplifier (Silver) With The Denon DCD-900NE CD Player (Silver)

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2 in stock

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    Combo Includes:

    • 1 x Denon PMA-900HNE Integrated Amplifier
    • 1 x Denon DCD-900NE CD Player


    Denon PMA-900HNE Integrated Amplifier Description:

    Denon PMA-900HNE Lifestyle

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    Denon PMA 900 HNE Integrated Network Amplifier with HEOS® Built-in music streaming and Phono Stage

    The Denon PMA-900HNE Integrated Network Amplifier, featuring an Advanced High Current amplifier design, delivers superior audio from analogue and digital sources. With Phono input, digital inputs for TV sound, plus network audio streaming by HEOS® Built-in, Denon PMA-900HNE upgrades your listening experience from any source.


    Streaming amplifier with analogue and digital connectivity

    Bring out the best from your analogue, digital, and streaming sources with the Denon PMA-900HNE Integrated Network Amplifier featuring Advanced High Current amplifier design.

    Advanced High Current integrated amplifier with 85W

    Engineered with premium Denon amplifier technology and Advanced High Current capability, the PMA-900HNE integrated amplifier drives your loudspeakers with 85 watts of power-per-channel into 4 ohms.

    Built-in music streaming via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AirPlay 2 capability

    The HEOS® Built-in Wi-Fi connects to your network to provide near-limitless streaming options. Listen to a wide array of online music services or connect to a smart device via AirPlay 2 or Bluetooth.

    Optical and coaxial digital inputs

    The PMA-900HNE features three optical inputs and one coaxial input and supports PCM signals up to 192 kHz/24-bit to improve sound quality of your TV audio and more.


    • Colours available: Black / Premium SilverYes / Yes
    • Metal front: Aluminum
    • Power consumption in W: 200W
    • Standby power consumption in W: 0.2W
    • Auto Power Off: Yes
    • Detachable power cord: Yes
    • Remote control: RC-1246
    • System remote control: Yes
    • Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H): 434 x 376 x 131mm / 17.1 x 14.8 x 5.2in
    • Weight: 8.3kg / 18.3lb
    • Carton Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H): 518 x 385 x 209mm / 20.4 x 15.2 x 8.2in
    • Carton Weight (inc. product): 10.3kg / 22.7lb



    • Output power 8 ohms (20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.07% distortion): 50W + 50W
    • Output power 4 ohms (1 kHz, 0.7% distortion): 85W + 85W
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01% (-3dB, 8ohm, 1kHz)
    • Power Amplifier Circuit: Advanced HC Single Push-Pull Circuit
    • Power Amp Output circuit Structure: Single Push-Pull with Darlington transistor
    • Preamplifier Circuit: Variable Gain Preamplifier
    • Volume: Electric - Controlled by Encoder
    • Bass Treble Mid Balance Control: Yes / Yes / No / Yes
    • Source Direct: Yes
    • Input Sensitivity: MM2.5mV / 47kohm
    • Input Sensitivity: MC200
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: MM/MC86dB / 71dB
    • Input Sensitivity: High Level 105mV / 40kohms (Source Direct Off)
    • Signal to noise ratio: high level 105dB
    • Tone control: Treble ± 8 dB at 10 kHz
    • Tone control: bass ± 8 dB at 100 Hz
    • Audio inputs: RC-1246
    • Digital in: USB-B / optical / coaxial / USB-A0 / 3 / 1 / 1
    • Phono input: MM/MC: Yes / Yes
    • Pre-out / Main-in subwoofer / No
    • Power Amp Direct Mode: No
    • RCA Gold Plated: Yes
    • Speaker A/B: Yes
    • Remote control inputs and outputs: Yes (Remote Out)
    • Headphone output: Yes
    • Headphone Impedance Matching (Low/Medium/High): No


    DENON DCD-900NE CD PLAYER Description:


    Denon DCD-900NE Silver Lifestyle

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    Advanced AL32 Processing Plus

    Utilizes data interpolation algorithms, up-sampling, and bit-extension for audio playback that is beautifully faithful to the original sound.


    Integrated USB Port

    The Denon DCD-900NE CD Player reveals the highest quality audio signals from standard CD and USB sources supporting high-res playback.


    Extended disc, format, and USB support

    The DCD-900NE plays back CD, CDR/ RW, MP3, and WMA formats. Or plug in a USB stick to add playback of FLAC up to 192kHz/24bits or DSD 2.8 MHz/5.6 MHz.


    Designed to reduce vibration and interference

    Built with specifically fitted power transformers and increased physical separation between the different audio and digital boards, reducing both vibration and interference.


    Built to last

    Backed by a more than 110-year legacy of designing premium audio components, the overall aesthetic, sound quality, and design integrity are built to last.



    • DAC operation mode: USB / Coax / Optical: Yes / No / No
    • Advanced AL 32 Plus: Yes
    • DAC Master Clock Design: ASRC in DAC
    • Customized Components: Yes
    • CD Compatibility: CD / CD-R/RW / WMA / MP3 / AAC: Yes



    • Separated rectifier circuit for analog and digital circuitry: Yes
    • Display: Dimmer / Off: Yes / Yes
    • Playback
    • Program Play (CD / SA-CD):  Yes / No
    • Repeat: Yes
    • Random Play: Yes



    • Headphone Out: No
    • Headphone Volume Control: No
    • Digital Optical In / Out: No / Yes
    • Digital Coaxial In / Out: No / Yes
    • Gold plated Cinch: Yes
    • Remote Control Bus in / out: Yes
    • Analogue Out (Cinch): 2Ch
    • USB Audio (Front) / Made for iPod / Made for iPhone: Yes / No / No
    • USB-A File support
    • MP3/WMA/AAC: Yes / Yes / Yes
    • WAV: Yes (~192kHz/24bit)
    • FLAC: Yes (~192kHz/24bit)
    • ALAC: Yes (~96kHz/24bit)
    • AIFF: Yes (~196kHz/24bit)
    • DSD (DIFF / DSF): Yes(~5.6MHz)



    • Signal to Noise Ratio: 115 dB (CD/USB)
    • Frequency Response: USB (PCM/DSD): 2Hz - 50kHz (-3dB) CD: 2Hz - 20kHz
    • Total Harmonic Distortion: USB DSD: 0.0015% USB PCM 24bit: 0.0020% CD: 0.0025%
    • Line Level Output: 2.2Vms
    • D/A Conversion
    • DAC IC: ES9018K2M
    • Digital Filter: AL32 Processing Plus
    • Dynamic Range 101 dB (CD)



    • Metal Front Panel: Aluminum
    • Power Consumption in W: 24W
    • Standby Consumption in W: 0.3W
    • Remote: Control
    • Auto Power Off: Yes
    • Weight: 4.9kg
    • Available colors: Premium Silver / Black  No / Yes
    • Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H): 434 x 328 x 107mm
    • 17.1 x 12.9 x 4.2in


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