Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker (Black)

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    Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker Description:

    Turn your living room into a world-class movie theatre. Experience every word, shout or whisper in ultimate clarity with the movie star of the EPICON family, the VOKAL centre speaker.

    Effortlessly reproducing human voices and delivering audio tracks with stunning realism and accuracy.

    Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker, the heart of the Epicon family, lets you experience every word in ultimate clarity by effortlessly reproducing human voices and delivering audio tracks with stunning realism and accuracy.

    Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker is a center speaker for multi-channel listening enthusiasts.

    Incorporating two woofers (6½") along with a hybrid tweeter promising the same level of transparency and timbre as the other speakers in the series.FS: Dali Epicon Vokal Center in Black...Sold | AVS Forum

    See more of the Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker here:

    They have developed an uncompromising center speaker for all of you multi-channel fans.

    The Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker. Incorporating 2 x 6½” woofers along with the hybrid tweeter module this speaker promises the same level of transparency and timbre matching with the rest of the series.

    The Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker will match any of the three main loudspeakers, and it will benefit any setup where realism and realistic sound pressures are required.

    Common to all the Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker is that they work well in both 2.0, 2.1, 5.1 or other multichannel systems.

    50% of the acoustic energy in a normal movie comes from the center channel.

    The Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker is up to the real challenge. Meticulous timbre matching and the same ability to render finer details exactly the way they were recorded is an EPICON trademark.

    Here, e.g. the effortless reproduction of human voices is what sets Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker apart.

    The Epicon Vokal will perfectly match any of the three speakers in the Vokal range, but it will also improve any setup where the realism of the sound is a prerequisite.

    What is common Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker is that they work well in stereo setup  2.1, 5.1 or other multi-channel setups.

    It is known that in a film approximately half of all of the energy comes from the center channel. With the importance of the center channel.

    The Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker has a lot to achieve.

    The timbre is matched carefully, so it has the same ability to render the finer details in exactly the way, the way they are intended, which is the trademark of Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker.

    So with the Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker the effortless reproduction of the human voice is what sets them apart.

    Magnet System:

    Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker features Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) material which offers high magnetic conductivity and low electrical conductivity for a dramatic reduction in distortion.

    The SMC's electrical non-conductivity eliminates the induction of modulating magnetic field in the magnet and reduces the eddy current on the pole piece caused by the movement of the coil. The resulting distortion reduction is quantifiable and audible.

    Hybrid Tweeter:

    The tweeter is a hybrid design combining a ribbon tweeter and a lightweight paper dome.

    Which results in a transparent hybrid driver that can reproduce the smallest slightest nuance in the high-frequency components.

    A hybrid design is an ideal solution for mixing the advantages of each tweeter’s unique characteristics.

    The Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker characteristics of an oversized dome tweeter are high power handling capability, a low resonance frequency.

    And excellent headroom with high intensities and extreme excursions.

    Utilizing a thin magnetic fluid for the cooling, which has a very high flux saturation point that is great for power handling.

    This also means superb control of coil movement – even at very high sound pressure levels.

    The ribbon tweeter has a relatively wide frequency range and great dispersion in the higher frequencies.

    The Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker ribbon tweeter starts to take effect above 10 kHz, with it fully contributing at 15 kHz, and still responding at 30kHz, well above audibility.

    The Hybrid Tweeter has an extremely smooth and wide dispersion on the horizontal plane, one of the trademarks of their design.

    Dali has designed the tweeter faceplate, to optimize the dispersion horizontal plane.

    Woofer Unit:

    Dali started producing their drivers at their own production facility in 2009, so they could be guaranteed and assure quality. Due to extensive R&D.

    It is known that the fibres of wood when added to a paper cone significantly aids in reproducing the dynamics and fine details of a recording with very low loss of information.

    The Wood fibres work by adding stiffness and rigidity to the extremely lightweight paper cone membranes, which ensures non-uniform break-up characteristics of the material.

    The wood fibre cone terminates in a rubber surround that is fitted to a die-cast aluminium chassis. Dali only uses precision tools when crafting their coils, surrounds, cones and chassis to ensure optimum alignment accuracy.

    Cabinet Structure:

    A Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker cabinet acts as a tuned ‘spring’ for its drivers, negating the resonant energy of the cabinet, which is an integral part of a speaker system.

    A cabinet must be rigid to optimize the operational environment of both the tweeters and woofers.

    The top, sides, and front baffle undergo a heating process that allows them to be pressed into their organic shape.

    The Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker cabinet design increases the overall rigidity and severely reduces the cabinet resonances.

    Without any parallel surfaces to reflect standing waves are practically eliminated.

    The front baffle (33mm thick) is dual-layered and ensures that energy from the is emitted as only acoustic energy, rather than cabinet vibration.

    The acoustic platform stability is ensured by having a curve on the shape of the front baffle.

    Lacquered Finish:

    The Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker cabinet is finished with real wood veneers that are lacquered ten times, and hand polished between the veneers, to give a smooth, deep high gloss finish.

    The final finish is an amazing 2mm thick adding extra rigidity.  Due to the lacquer process, the precision cutting out for the drivers, terminals and ports is done at the end of the process to ensure a perfect seamless fit.

    Specifications of the Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker: 

    - Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
    - Bass Reflex Tuning: 46.5Hz
    - Connection In: Bi-Amping (INT)
    - Placement: Centre / Soundbar
    - Distance From Wall: > 5cm

    - Freq Range (+/-3 dB): 49-30,000Hz
    - Sensitivity (2.83 V/1m): 89.5dB
    - Nominal Impedance: 6ohm
    - Maximum SPL: 111dB
    - Recommended Amp: 50 - 300W
    - Crossover: 2750/15000Hz

    - Super HF: 1 x 10 x 55mm Ribbon
    - HF Driver: 29mm Soft Textile Dome
    - LF Driver: 2x 6½" Wood Fibre Cone

    - Incl: Connectors, Damper Feet, Cloth
    - Dimensions (HWD): 247 x 816 x 349mm
    - Weight: 18.4 Kg


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    1 review for Dali Epicon Vokal Center Speaker (Black)

    1. Siviwe

      Wow! The clarity and detail from this speaker are astounding. Definitely not your ordinary center speaker. Bold & Energetic!

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