Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable- Strictly Online Only


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    Description of the Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable:

    Cable design is all about damage control. No cable can make your system sound or look better, they can only cause damage to the original signal. That’s why AudioQuest’s perspective has always been to design cables that DO NO HARM!

    It’s an unavoidable fact of life that every component and cable in a system causes distortion, changing the overall character of the signal. These aberrations add up, like layers of dirty glass between you and an image you are trying to see.

    Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable

    Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable

    Better cables, and for that matter better components, cannot improve the signals they carry.

    They can only do less harm to those signals and reduce the amount of noise and distortion introduced into a system, thus improving performance.

    The goal of high quality components and cables is to be like cleaner panes of glass — to minimize any alteration or distortion of the signal.

    Some of the most fundamental distortion mechanisms are honored and addressed by AudioQuest’s 4-Elements. Any improvement in these areas of design and materials results in less damage to the signal:

    Solid Conductors:

    Electrical and magnetic interaction between strands is one of the greatest sources of distortion in normal cables. Separate solid conductors prevent interaction between strands.

    Metal Quality:

    Conductor material quality has a pronounced effect on the signal passing through. Different materials have more or less impurities, grain boundaries, surface irregularities, etc.


    Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable

    Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable

    The relationship between the Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable conductors, whether of the same polarity (+ & +) or opposite polarity (+ & -)

    Affects many electrical and mechanical parameters, in- cluding capacitance, inductance, RF Interference, etc.


    In addition to insulating, all conductor coatings are also a “dielectric.” Signal flow is slowed down and distorted by a dielectric, making the choice of material, and AQ’s Dielectric-Bias System, very important.

    Specifications of the Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable: 

    • Metal: Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+)
    • Geometry: Triple-Balanced (Separate Ground-Reference Conductor)
    • Insulation: Foamed-Polyethylene
    • Dielectric: Nitrogen-Injected Hard-Cell Foam
    • Noise-Dissipation System: Carbon-Based 3-Layer
    • Jacket: Black/Brown Braid
    • Terminations: Cold-Welded, Hanging-Silver directly over pure Purple Copper RCA or XLR


    Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable

    Audioquest Mackenzie 2m XLR Cable


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