Let’s be honest with each other here, absolutely everything is better with some good music playing in your ears, which is exactly why you need to treat yourself to a new set of Jamo Studio Series speakers.

2018 is damn-sure to have its ups and downs for all of us, but great quality sound is therapy that no one can deny.

The Jamo Studio Series boasts a contemporary design, combined with high-performance and a balanced, natural sound. Basically, they look as good as they sound, and they sound pretty amazing!

The Atmos ready speakers deliver sound from all around you, immersing you in a world of your choosing.

The series offers a variety of trend-setting features guaranteed to pique the curiosity of any true audiophile. These include: Dolby Atmos topper’s metal feet which align with patent-pending integrated conductive metal contacts, creating a design free from any inputs or wires;
magnetic grilles that slide up to align with the Dolby Atmos topper to create a clean, seamless appearance; a slimline sub-woofer that can be placed almost anywhere, either vertically or horizontally; front-firing tube ports, for versatility in placement; Waveguide technology that focusses on higher frequencies, for more dynamic sound; and much, much more.

All Studio 8 models are available in one of three finishes – Black, and walnut. The fully magnetic grilles feature a large, woven pattern which create visual interest in the clean, minimalist design.

The Jamo Studio Series truly has something for everyone. Trust us: Your wife called and she said you could bring a set home! We are not lying, we promise!

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