#IWasACyclistBeforeItWasCool, really! Okay, maybe not really, but that is beside the point!

The point is that as South Africans, we have a collective new hobby – health and fitness. For obvious reasons, this is a pretty damn amazing kick to be on, and one that should be encouraged all the way.

Enter the Jamo DS1 Wireless Speaker Bike Light. Yip, you read that right – a sexy little speaker that uses wireless Bluetooth technology to belt out your favourite tunes while you wrack up the miles on your bicycle.

The contemporary design of this little gem of a speaker makes it easy to use, and easy on the eyes. Stay focused on the road while adjusting the volume, pausing and playing music and answering phone calls, using easy-to-use controls, without even taking your phone out.

The speakers boast a 6-hour battery life, along with a quick charging battery to get you going as soon as you are ready.

A durable handlebar mount and wrist strap ensure that your music doesn’t hit the road when you do – it stays and plays exactly where it should, and keeps you going even when you feel you can’t.

The Jamo DS1 is also splash resistant, so you don’t have to worry about a bit of drizzle when you are out on the long road, you can just keep going! This, combined with a handy, bright, long-lasting LED light which illuminates your path and gets you noticed by motorists, makes this little device a must-have for all the hard-training, fitness fanatics out there!

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www.soundx.co.za  / www.soundxshop.co.za

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