We all love a good live concert, right? The vibe is unbeatable; the smell, the shoving crowds – not so much. So, what if we could offer you a concert-worthy experience, in the comfort of your own home?

Well we love sound, and that is why we love the inimitable Jamo concert series – it looks good, but it sounds great, and that is what it’s all about.

Complementing any living space, the newly redesigned next generation of Jamo concert series draws on the brand’s award-winning design DNA to combine an updated design aesthetic with natural textiles and the most spectacular acoustics.

Never a brand to stop innovating, Jamo continues to break boundaries, creating products that go above and beyond expectation, every, single, time. Each time a new product is released, we wait with baited breath – eventually, they surely must faulter? But not this time.

The Jamo Concert 9 line comprises two tower speakers, two monitors, a centre channel and surround speakers – everything you need for the perfect home set-up. Featuring Hybrid Composition Conical Cones which ensure that the speakers withstand being driven hard, while still delivering clean, clear sound, these speakers are sure not to disappoint.

Long displacement Surround design for woofers and drivers deliver a beautifully clean transition between highs and lows, creating a more natural sound. The range also features anti-diffraction WaveGuide technology that produces the most immersive and impactful sound possible, even when you are not sitting in the so-called sweet spot.

The Jamo Concert 9 series also boasts redesigned silk dome tweeters that lower distortion for smooth high-frequency listening.

So, now you know that they sound good, but what about how they look? They measure up in every way in the looks department, that’s for sure. Never a brand to stray too far from their known and loved appeal, the Jamo concert 9 speakers are available in three premium, furniture-grade finishes (black ash, white and dark apple), designed to blend seamlessly with modern textures and décor. New, premium magnetic grilles come in two natural tweed fabric options – white speakers feature heather grey grilles, and the black and dark apple speakers come with charcoal grey grilles. Satin painted MDF baffles, polished chrome logos, and stabilised cast metal feet ensure this series is aesthetically elegant while providing exceptional acoustics.

Always true to their Scandinavian roots, the simple design fits beautifully into all spaces. Want to know more? Click here.


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