Subwoofers are designed for a specific purpose, which is to deliver bass, but they are still considered the most important component of any home theatre system. A subwoofer takes advantage of the non-directionality, when it comes to our perception of low frequency sound. In this way, a single subwoofer is able to generate enough bass to balance out all the other speakers.

When trying to select a subwoofer for your theatre system, it is important to remember that a subwoofer must perform in the following areas.

Deep Low-Frequency

Contrary to popular belief not all subwoofers have the capabilities of producing deep low frequencies. That’s why it’s so important to always choose a good quality subwoofer for your theatre system. Choosing a world class subwoofer such as Definitive Technology’s Supercube 8000 Ultra Performance sub ensures that you will not have to listen to one-note bass, since it is able to deliver deeper low frequencies, which are under 20Hz. Since at such low frequencies, the volume can only be felt and not heard, listeners will be able to feel what the artist really wants to present in their music.

Frequency Response

If you are going for a sub, you will want to go with one that is able to deliver exact frequencies that you can hear in exact proportions. This can only be delivered when using a quality subwoofer such as the Definitive Technology Supercube 8000 Ultra Performance Subwoofer, or other units such as the Denon Heos Wireless Subwoofer (only compatible with the HEOS Soundbar) that comes with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), and Digital signal processing (DSP).

Speedy Transients

The two 5¼ inch drive units along with sophisticated class-D amplification of the Denon Heos Wireless Subwoofer  (only compatible with the HEOS Soundbar) are able to pinpoint speed transients effortlessly. You’re not going to experience any form of smearing or overhang with the Denon Heos Wireless Subwoofer or the larger Definitive Technology Supercube 8000 Ultra Performance Sub, which makes both of them great options for music lovers or for those who just want to own a decent home theater system.

Ability to Blend with Other Speakers

When it comes to using your home theater system, not everyone wants to listen to just thumping bass. The proper home theatre experience is all about creating a complete audio experience, where the subwoofer will only serve as a foundation for capturing deep low frequency.

Choosing the Denon Heos Wireless Subwoofer (only compatible with the HEOS Soundbar) or Definitive Technology Supercube 8000 Ultra Performance Subwoofer will ensue that each speaker in your home theater system plays in unison and is able to deliver an exceptional level of quality when it comes to sound output.

Bass is all about creating an omnidirectional experience when used for a home theatre system or an audio system. Keeping that in mind, a subwoofer should help energize the room without announcing its location which can distract the audio experience of the listener from the rest of the sound and diminish the enjoyability of having a home theater system.

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